Generally speaking, this blog is an attempt to show the world my creative output. Maybe someone somewhere will find something nice about it. My styles of art, writing, and music range from ethereal and profound, to angry and defiant. This yin and yang is common among most creative people but it seems that everyone chooses one blip of the spectrum and settles in there comfortably. This feels counterintuitive to me. There’s a whole complex bundle of mishmash out there and it’s just not possible to focus solely on one bit of it and find any understanding. I intend to write from the heart, with assistance from my brain and liver, and compose with no regard for theme. If my heart feels it must be said, it will be said.

Now for a little about myself and the mark I’ve left so far on this planet…

I’m a born and raised Midwestern weirdo. Originally from rural Northern Illinois, I currently reside in Colorado with my partner and dog.

Openly gay and openly don’t care what you think on the matter. I don’t even want to think about what you do between the sheets so why are you so concerned with what I do between mine?

Conservatives would call me a liberal; liberals just think I’m insane.

I write, paint, take photos, make music, and might occasionally rant and rave about the horrors of this modern world.




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