MUSIC: Inadequate Objects

This has been floating around the Internet for the last few months, but I apparently never shared it on here.

Inadequate Objects is a spoken word album set to dark soundscapes. It features nine original poems of mine, each one set to an original composition of mine. The mood is dark, apocalyptic, perhaps dismal, and is a merging of two of my main creative outlets: music and words. Hope you like it.


  1. Emergency Exit (6:49)
  2. Body on the Tracks (6:01)
  3. The Anatomy of Rock ‘n’ Roll (3:30)
  4. A Gathering of Faint Shadows on the Wall (7:00)
  5. The Lily Notion (5:14)
  6. The End of the Rainbow (4:55)
  7. The Wound and Will Always (6:03)
  8. Generational Disease (6:37)
  9. Horn of Empty (5:05)

Words and music by Ian Witzel
Voice recorded by Jake Cacciatore at Naropa Recording Studio, Boulder, CO


New Song: The Factory Gardens

I’m finally making an attempt at putting a beat into my music. Pretty much everything I have made up to now lacks some form of percussion or rhythm. Time to change that. There are still the drones and noises synonymous with my w.x name, but now you can almost dance to it.

Enjoy and share with those you think will like it, and stay tuned for new music soon!