PHOTOS: Lily Update

This has been the most successful year for my red lily yet. The last couple years it always got choked off by the lavender and never even got to bloom much. But as of today, there are now 4 in bloom, with two more on the way soon!

Here they are, basking in the afternoon sun as the shade moves in.


PHOTOS: From a Plane

These are simple photos taken on my phone from an airplane some several thousand feet above someplace in the middle of the United States. The clouds were what made me take out the camera.

The Lily Notion

Happy first day of summer! I woke up this morning to find the first of my lilies blooming in the garden, so here are some photos of this gorgeous flower, plus my poem “The Lily Notion.” Enjoy the solstice!


the lily notion

a passed thought before unveiling

medium earth

vivisecting a color

light infiltrating the wilted garden


the lily notion

nothing but velvet bloom

porous jelly blossoms

a lack of evil regeneration

the garden of time is stillborn

only this static moment


the lily notion

at last a fortunate accident

a green mound shattered

cold bone wrapped around the finger

in shaking confounded death grip

the engine heart screams

sour succulence

igniting teeth

digesting carbon

shapely curves in the bile

a fine slice of degradation


these fireworks at glacial speeds

the gradual shriveling of our pastime moons

fading away once again

hammers heading for the hills

with stifling tornado indulgence

maniacal quivers are exposed

stopped in the back

dead in its tracks


crystal coils are spidered together

energy halted in fetid reduction

the treetops are fogging concave mist

laid before the void

familial vanquishing in another latitude

these spectral images are a foolish bet

scanning darkness for understanding


the lily notion seems to be fading

a hardened imagination

hearts pumped with poison

the Dead Sea of the body

the bee drowns

a slave of thirst

a dark wilt on a young face thrown on the ground bending a distant memory reduced to nightmare, metal frames holding infections, pooling stagnation in the eyes down the spine outward across sinews, snapping muscles perpetually decaying, fermented in overthrown zeal, a renaissance invasion dancing on vertebrae, fusing together tainted blood to stop breathing in buckets of clouds, embracing liquids vaporized in smoke, the smoke is a billion fragments en route to ruin, howling for the pistol still naked on the table syphoning a corpuscle of carbon, dreaming in this field of disorientation dripping off tongues throughout the times a sting a twinge a stellar entropy

the vessel tense after living

intravenous arsenic on the carpet

the bones rearranged


oxygen returning

home in the autumn

sinking in the mud

perfections of progress

the patented noise of elm

running psychotic through the plaza

drunk on distilled letters

lost in the first frost

lavender takeover

stained fibers welded together

stitched by common bonds

the vulnerable root

ripped apart at the differences

colonizing the experience, the great gasp

handcuffed to the story

a specific puncture

weaving a submerged miracle within the conversation

a different wound in kidnapped fluid

the monster close to the muscle

a moment of clarity

in the land of the bodies

no absolute chime


the lily notion is dead

barking from across the fence

lost to desert strangling

the dragonfly shatters

and the crickets freeze

only the wrinkled dirt remains

Sunset Kaleidoscope

This image is an overlay. I created a geometric kaleidoscope shape from squares and circles and filled in some of the spaces with solid color. Other spaces allow the picture underneath to shine through. The picture underneath is of clouds at sunset.

Sunset Kaleidoscope